Thank you!

Many thanks to those of you that participated in Helena’s memorial Matthew Passion. Despite a rather chilly night, the church was full and the performance received many appreciative responses.

Some specific thank-yous:

  • Kate Cleeland who helped organise things on the day would like to thank everyone who helped with setting up, catering and cleaning.
  • George Mowat-Brown, has expressed his appreciation – please click on link below:

Letter of thanks re Matthew Passion

Finally, if you would like to see some photos of the group rehearsing on the day of the performance, please click here.

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Rail disruption this weekend

In case you are planning to travel by public transport for the event, please note the following engineering works are being planned by SW Trains:

Sunday, 17th March, the following alterations apply:

No trains will run between Barnes and Whitton / Strawberry Hill
Additional trains will run between London Waterloo and Barnes
Buses will run between Barnes and Hounslow / Teddington
London Waterloo – Windsor & Eton Riverside, a reduced service will operate
London Waterloo – Strawberry Hill (via Wimbledon) services will run to Shepperton
London Waterloo – Kingston (via Twickenham) services will start from Shepperton

Journey times may be extended by up to 50 minutes

For full details of these changes and the impact on your journey, please use the National Rail Enquiries Journey Planner

There are no planned closures on the Piccadilly Line.


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Full schedule for Sunday, 17th

Here is the rehearsal schedule for Sunday:

10.00-12.00 Continuo Group Rehearsal, Cedric’s (no Mike)

1.00pm (or just before) Set up church, Harpsichord arrives from Cedric’s

1.10 (or as soon as we can start) –1.30 Gamba Arias (34, 35, 56, 57):
Michael S

1.30-2.30 Jesus Recits, Erbarme dich (39), Am Abend (64)
Strings of Orchestra 1
Michael B
Sarah and Dom (from 2.10)

2.30-3.00 Arias with winds (5, 6, 12, 13, 48, 49, 59)
Winds of Orchestra 1
Lucy W

3.00 Choirs 1,2 and 3 and Orchestra 2 arrive

3.15 Part 2Tutti

5.00 Part 1Tutti

5.30 Children arrive for 1 and 29

6:00 Break

7.00 Performance

We suggest that you make sure you bring everything with you to the rehearsal that you will need for the evening, for example concert clothes and food/drink donations.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Leslie.

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Rehearsal schedule for 16th/17th and info for Sunday’s performance


There will be a full rehearsal on Saturday 16th March, but not everybody needs to be there all the time. The schedule is as follows:

2.00 choir 1
3.30 choir 2 joins choir 1
5.00-6.00 choir 3 and children join other choirs
6.00 soloist rehearsal

Please be ready promptly at these times as we have a lot to get through.

On Sunday, there will be a rehearsal in the afternoon, but we are still working out precise timings for this – we will publish more information about this in a few days.


Dress code for the performance:

All black for both men and women. We are trying to be relatively informal, so please no suits or dinner jackets. Preference for women is for ‘long’ – ie trousers or long skirt.

We hear that the church can be cold, so people may want to dress with that in mind – a black jumper or jacket is fine if it is for warmth.

Note to Orchestra:

Orchestral players should bring a stand and a clip-on stand light if they have one. Although lighting at the church is generally quite good, you may find it easier with a bit of extra lighting.

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Full scores for Choirs 2 and 3

We have pulled together some pdf versions of a vocal score for use by choirs 1 and 2. They can be accessed using the links below:

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Latest rehearsal schedule

The rehearsal schedule for the Bach as it stands now is as follows:

  •  21 February 7.15 Quakers: Continuo and recit rehearsal
  •  22 Feb at 7pm – Orchestra Sectionals (previously advertised as 24th Feb)  at Southlands College Roehampton University. Leslie can also do a second sectional at her house on the 24th in the afternoon if required
  •  8 March 7.00-10.00 PM: St Vincent’s Osterley: Orchestra 1 and soloists
    – see
  •  9 March: St Francis 2.00-6.00: Choir 1; 7.00-10.00 Choir 2
  • 10 March: St Francis 2.00-5.00: Orchestra 2 and soloists
  • 16 March: St Francis 2.00-6.00 TBC, Choir 1, Choir 2, Choir 3, and children
  • 17 March: St Francis TUTTI from 1PM

Any questions about this, please contact Leslie.

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Rehearsals for Choirs/Orchestras 1, 2 and 3

Some new dates to be added to the list are as follows:

  • Saturday 9 March will be the rehearsal for Choir 1 and Orchestra 1, time and venue TBC
  • Sunday 10 March will be the rehearsal for Choir 2 and Orchestra 2, time and venue TBC
  • Saturday 16 March, Choir 3 and Orchestra 3 plus soloists, St Francis of Assissi

More details will be available soon.

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Music for Choir 3

The first rehearsal organised by Isleworth Baroque for Choir 3 will be on Wednesday 30th January at 7:30pm, Quakers Meeting House. All welcome.

We have produced electronic copies of the sheet music for Choir 3 for your use.

Click here to for links to the items we will be learning.


Please note, at the first rehearsal on Wednesday, Leslie will be focusing on Chorus 68 and Chorales 3, 10, 15 and 17.

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Update on arrangements for rehearsals

Instrumentalists – please note that we will be performing at A=440 pitch. Please contact Leslie Ann Lewis ( if you would like to participate.

Chorus – All are welcome to join in with the Isleworth Baroque chorus (first and last chorus plus chorales). The group will be meeting at the Quakers Meeting House, Quakers Lane, Busch Corner, Isleworth TW7 4AZ on Wednesdays starting on 30th January at 7:30pm. Click here for directions.

IB would be grateful if you could let them know in advance if you will be coming along to the rehearsals – email Kate Cleeland at You do not need to be a member of Isleworth Baroque to join the group, but a donation would be welcome to help cover costs of rehearsals and music.

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Invitation to Participate

The Matthew Passion will be performed by a number of soloists, 3 choirs and two orchestras:

  • Soloists – Leslie Ann Lewis will be organising solos.
  • Choir 1 & 2 will be small groups who will sing all choruses and chorales – it is expected that this group will attend specially-arranged rehearsals near to the performance date. To participate in these choirs, it would be helpful if you have sung the piece before. Contact Leslie if you would like to be considered  (
  • Choir 3 will be a larger group who will sing the first and last choruses plus the chorales only.
  • Orchestras 1 & 2 will accompany throughout.

Isleworth Baroque will be organising rehearsals on Wednesday evenings for Choir 3 starting on 30th January 2013 (venue to be arranged). All are welcome to come and rehearse with us – you don’t need to be a member of Isleworth Baroque to join in with this choir.  If you would like to register an interest in participating in the Wednesday evening group, please contact Kate Cleeland ( There will be no formal participation fee, but a donation is requested to cover rehearsal costs (suggested amount £30). All profits from the event will be donated to the Musician’s Benevolent Fund.

The performing edition will based on the Baerenreiter  edition. We will be looking into hiring copies for the chorus or producing a reduced performing edition for this performance only. Audio files to help with rehearsing can be found on the learnchoralmusic website.

Further posts will be added to this site as more information becomes available.

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